Ran Segall – Flux Academy – Standout Portfolio in 7 Days

Here’s Your 7-Day Success Plan
Day 1:
Design with a Style
(No prior Figma knowledge needed)
Customize the look to suit your personal style

Create stunning color & font combinations

Save time & get ahead with our Figma template

Use our proven structures or add your own flair

Day 2:
Look Like a Pro
Find out what to do if you don’t want to use your photo

Take advantage of breakthrough AI tools

Discover how to take a great headshot

Get inspired by examples of profile photo styles

Day 3:
Nail Your Message
Create an unforgettable hero section

Write your unique selling proposition to stand out

Utilize our proven templates to write effective copy

Unleash the power of AI writing tools (e.g. ChatGPT)

Day 4:
Showcase Your Work
Wow prospects (even if you’re not 100{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} satisfied with your previous work)

Discover what to do if you don’t have enough work to feature

Create professional mockups to show your work in the best light

Day 5:
Fill In the Content
Complete your portfolio by adding key sections

About you, process, projects, contact, call to action

Get your dream clients intrigued to contact you

Day 6:
Put It All Together
(No prior Webflow knowledge needed)
Port your design from Figma to Webflow

Add interactions that’ll impress your visitors

Make your site responsive & ensure it looks great on all devices

Day 7:
Launch & Spread the Word!
Take your website live

Share your standout portfolio with the world

Get ready to attract higher-paying clients