Jesse Cunningham – SEO Advanced Masterclass

What You Get:
The Maverick Method – Advanced SEO Made Easy
Introduction to the Maverick Method
The Maverick Method – MOTIVATION
MOTIVATION – Avoiding Landmines
MOTIVATION – Sharpen Your Edge
MOTIVATION – Aerial View Opportunities
MOTIVATION – Constructing a Solid Foundation
Keyword Research Sessions
The Free Method [No Tools] for Keyword Research
Competitor Research for Keyword Research
AHREFs Method for Keyword Research
Parasitic SEO [Finding Competitor Websites to Draft]
Real-Life Complete Workflow Keyword Research Session
New Website Keyword Research Complete Workflow
Blog Creation [Writing] Sessions
In-Depth Writing Session #1
In-Depth Writing Session #2
Use A.I. for the Heavy Lifting
Focused Learning Sessions
Keyword Sheeter [Finding Keyword Variants]
Forum Keyword Research [Quora, Reddit, Niche Specific Forums]
Building out FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]
Optimizing Images with XNConvert
Using Keyword Modifers
Local SEO + ChatGPT
For SEO/Webmaster Agencies
How to Sell SEO Services
Standard Operating Procedure [SOP] for ChatGPT
Theoretical SEO
Keyword Placement In-Article
Acquiring Backlinks
The Industries Backlinking Secret – Supercharged Backlinking