Jesse Cunningham & Tony Hill – Ignite Your Discover Traffic

Ignite Your Google Discover Traffic

We’ve found the cheat code for Google Discover that will 10x your chances for massive traffic.
Google Discover is a tough nut to crack and a mystery to a lot of people.

Combined, we’ve spent 2 years reverse engineering Discover…

And we’ve found a way to crack the Discover nut 🥜


✅ Tony Hill reverse engineering Discover content that received millions of clicks.

✅ Thomas Smith’s unique strategy that flips the “on” switch for a site’s visibility in Discover.

✅ Jesse Cunningham figuring out how to scale the full strategy to generate consistent Discover traffic.

Just in the last 30 days Jesse’s site has gotten 200,000 clicks from Discover:

We’ve privately shared this strategy with a few other site owners and those who fully implemented it and kept at it started seeing Discover traffic, too.

What You’ll Learn In 10+ Videos:

🔥 Thomas Smith’s Google Discover “switch” he stumbled on that activated his site’s appearance in Discover, which resulted in thousands of clicks within 48 hours. The same thing happened with Jesse’s site, Tony’s and others.

🔥 Jesse will show you how to implement our full strategy, step-by-step.

🔥 See real examples of site’s using our strategy that are getting hundreds of thousands of clicks.

🔥 Tony will help you identify the right topics Google Discover users love.

🔥 Thomas will show you the best types of images that attract eyeballs and clicks.

🔥 What you need to do to ensure your website is setup for Discover success.

🔥 Everything Jesse’s learned from publishing over 600 pieces of content for Discover through trial and error to generate over 200k clicks from Discover in the last 30 days.