Zarak C – The AI Copywriting Accelerator

What You Get:
3 Methods To Write Emails Using AI – From The Easiest To The Most Difficult
​How To Generate Ideas For Campaigns Using AI
​21 Done-For-You Prompts To Write High Converting Emails FAST
​How To Write Design Heavy eCom Style Emails With AI
​The Best Format For Writing High Converting Plain Text Email Copy
​How To Use AI Storytelling To Pull On Your Customers Heartstrings
​All The Prompts You Need To Research Your Target Market In Under 5 Minutes
​How To Write Subject Lines USING AI
​8 Figure AI Advertorial Mastery
​The eCom Landing Page With AI
​How To Use AI To Churn Out Social Media Content
3 Methods To Write AI Emails (From Easy To Hard)
​The ‘Pain-Agitate-Relief’ AI Writing Formula
​Relatable Storytelling With AI
​The AIDA Formula With Artificial Intelligence
​The Deep Humiliation Ritual With AI (Use Your Customers Emotions Against Them For MAX Revenue!)
​How To Write Copy For Design Emails In DTC eCom
​Puzzle An Email Together With 4 Different AI Formulas
​How To Write Emails For Sales, Bonuses, Launches and Updates
​Learn How To Do FAST Customer & Market Research With AI
​5 Prompts To Write Your Own Eye-Grabbing AI Subject Lines
​Over 215 Pages Of Prompts, Case Studies, And AI Generated Copy To Study
That means you’ll be able to stop worrying about where you’re going to hire your next employee from…

As you don’t even NEED to hire employees to scale your client base.

You’ll start to relax, and run your service business from a place of abundance and profit rather than scarcity and loss.

And just imagine how it’ll feel, when 3 months down the line you have a smaller team and more time…

But a HUGE profit margin and happy clients who can’t help but refer you to their friends.

That’s what will happen when you take The AI Copywriting Accelerator and implement it into your business.

How To Create Your Own AI Prompts
Not all AI prompts will work for every offer.

That’s why I created this standalone course.

As the Satanists and Globohomos force AI into every nook & cranny of internet business…

You won’t be able to rely on MY teachings alone.

This bonus course will teach you how to create your OWN prompts, no matter what you’re trying to sell.

How To Become An A++ Copywriter Using AI Training
Everyone can improve their copy.

You can:

Make it read better…

Find what pain points resonate with your customer the best…

Make the copy more persuasive…

Generate metaphors to make complicated subjects easy to understand…

And much more.