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Most online writing is ignored.
Every day, a flood of hopeful writers hop on the Internet.
A few will succeed (and we’ll talk about their secrets shortly).
The vast majority will fail.
Even if they get followers, they can’t turn them into subscribers. And even if they get subscribers, they can’t turn them into customers.
One friend of mine collected 450,000 followers across various platforms. He lives that writer life. Butt in chair. Fingers on keyboard. Thinking, editing, publishing. Every single day.
My friend transitioned to full-time writing 18 months ago but…
His dreams are now hanging by a thread.
The economic tide turned. The money pile shrunk. He doesn’t know how to get more. It’s a tragedy to think he might trudge back to the cubical.
Another friend of mine has half the following of my first friend.
He picked up writing much later in life. He’s a decent creator, but his stuff is not quite as good as my first friend.
But the thing is…
This second friend recently crossed two million dollars in revenue. He moved to a bigger house. He paid off lingering debts. Until further notice, his only job is to create.
What’s strange is…
My first friend works WAY harder than the second friend.
How is that possible?
You’re all for “reinventing yourself” as a writer, but this seems like too much.
You’re willing to learn.
You’re willing to work.
But all your options seem terrible.
Which do you pick?
•A) Quit the job prematurely and hope things work out.
•B) Surrender your writing dreams and march back to your little home office.
•C) Sacrifice your self-respect and start selling like a douche-bro.
It’s an impossible choice.
But… those aren’t the only choices.
Here’s Your Path to Making It Happen
Section 1 – The Copywriter’s Mindset

Lesson 1 – Watch This First to Build The Foundation
Lesson 2 – Mastering the Copywriter’s Mindset
Lesson 3 – How to Get Over Your Fear of Selling… For Life
Section 2 – Four “P’s” to Get You Paid

Lesson 4 – Prepare: What is Your Main Promise?
Lesson 5 – Prepare: What is The Main Pain You Are Solving
Lesson 6 – Prepare: Why EXACTLY Should Someone Say Yes to You?
Lesson 7 – Prepare: Why Might Someone Say “NO!”
Lesson 8 – Personalize: Step Inside the Mind of Your Reader
Lesson 9 – The Pitch: Part 1
Lesson 9 – The Pitch: Part 2
Lesson 10 – Probe Your Results to Get Better Fast
Section 3 – Add Spice to Your Bland Copy

Lesson 11 – 7 Ways to Generate Great Copywriting Ideas
Lesson 12 – How to Change Bad Copy Into Great Copy
Bonus Video Lesson – What the heck is a “named oddity?”
Bonus Resource – Master Copywriting Worksheet