Mark Wightley & Anthony Rousek – Super Affiliate Sniper

What You Get:

Module #1

Discover my precise technique for selecting products that give you a massive advantage, so you can start profiting from day one.
I’m be giving you an entire library of affiliate networks, so you can easily find winning products.
Discover how to remove all the guess work, so you can be confident that you are promoting a profitable product.
Module #2

Discover my super simple website structure, so you can stay out of trouble & see profits for years to come.
I’ll be giving you a powerful plugin that creates all the legal pages for you, so you can skip all the hard work.
Receive our content plugin that literally creates the content for you, so you can skip having to write pages of content and get onto what matters (Making Sales)
Module #3

Access my converting page template, so you can just fill in the blanks to have a high converting page ready to go.
Access the free tracking software with step-by-step setup videos so you can scale your winners and ditch the losers.
Watch over my shoulder as I setup a campaign from scratch, so you can simply copy me to ensure you produce a highly profitable campaign.
Module #4

Watch my detailed campaign optimization as I do it on a live campaign, so you can follow along & become an optimization expert with ease.
As you start to make money, I’ll show you some secret methods to scale up your profits, so you can quickly make 1000’s more from a single campaign.
I’ll be showing you how to make even more money, so you can expand your profits through more of what’s working.
Module #5

I give you a unique fill in the blanks page template for my second method that will explode your profits, so you can make even more money..
Watch as I setup this second style of campaign, so you can make more sales and a bigger ROI.
See me optimize the campaign live, so you can easily produce a lot more money while spending far less money on adverstising.
Module #6

Now we take your ability to make money up a notch by promoting physical products, so you can scale your income to new heights.
Discover exactly where to find these products and how to get approved, so you can earn money from large companies.
Discover how to setup the campaign, optimize and scale, so you can see expediential growth in your profits.