Christian Jack Side Door Networking

Christian Jack – Side Door Networking

Side Door Networking is a system that grants users access to the most elusive, exclusive, and ludicrous opportunities in the market.

Build A Brand – Stop wondering how to put yourself and your success out into the world.

Elevate Your Name – No more connecting with industry leaders without providing value.

Land The Interview – Quit hoping and praying for interviews, with nothing unique to bring.

About Christian Jack – Side Door Networking

Wondering what to do or what to post

Wasting time with unrewarding conversations

Being disorganized on social media

Not knowing how to lead with value

Being unaware of how to share “wins”

Sending messages just hoping they reply

Losing track of people and conversations


Know exactly how to move the needle in your career

Start having profitable conversations every day

Keep organized contacts, opportunities, and connections

Spend less time networking and more time profiting

Connect with industry titans consistently and effectively

Build lasting relationships that lead to more doors being opened

Become ” that guy” or “that gal” who’s always top of mind