Chris Do – Painless Pricing

It’s the question on every creative professional’s mind. And no matter who you ask, the answer is always different: charge by the hour, charge per deliverable, charge by the project, or just guess. Between the muddled responses, you’re left wondering if you’re even charging enough.

Have you ever told a prospect your price, then felt bad? Or doubted whether or not you deserve it? Strange as it is, this happens to every creative. We can be totally confident in our skills, but when dollars come into the conversation, we choke up.

If you’re overwhelmed with projects or unmotivated to do the work, then you might not be charging enough. Inside Painless Pricing, Chris Do will teach you pricing strategies that will help you earn more money with every project. You’ll see that most projects are worth more than you think, and recognize the value you bring to the table.