Alek Sheffield – The Six-Figure Storefront

The Six-figure Storefront Course – As soon as you purchase, you’ll have access to the entire course curriculum and bonuses below.

Get Going – Even the most inexperienced beginners will feel confident to build the most robust possible foundation to ensure a successful business.

Get Good – We will build and implement the systems needed to start making sales. Understanding what works will lead to making an overall efficient system

Get Great – We will dive deep into automation and templated workflows. Multiply your time and effort to scale your business to 6-figures and beyond.

30 Day Quickstart Workshop – Getting momentum is the most important step. The 30 day quickstart gets you operating at 7-figure speed in 30 days.

The T.P.P. Engine – This engine is the backbone of my 7-figure business. It allows me to 10x my outputs using the same input every day.

The S.F.S. Downloadable Guide – As a supplement to the recorded content, you will also receive a downloadable guide to help keep you on track.

Niche Navigator – Trouble picking the perfect niche? We’ll discuss the exact method I’ve used to pair niches that match interests, skills, & desires.

Picking Profitable Products – Learn how to conduct SEO-based product research, allowing you to pick profitable products that match your income goals.

Personal Design Matrix – Learn Alek’s system for curating, remixing, and producing original best-sellers in minutes. No more long nights in Canva.

A.I. Integration Lab – Learn the in’s & out’s of everything A.I. with Etsy. Making profitable art to next-level automation, we’ll discuss everything I know.

A.I. Virtual Assistant – This is the body copy that explains what the main benefit is.

Free Traffic Formula – Stop wasting your money on poorly performing ads, and learn to leverage utterly free traffic. Increased profit + less maintenance = W

Infinite Inventory Machine – Learn how to take all of the above and transform it into product line where you NEVER run out of new product ideas.

Phase 1:
Will guide you on how to discover your niche, pick a profitable product, and brand your business.
You will be able to build the strongest foundation possible for the business you want to grow.
Module 1: Opening Shop
Module 2: Getting Connected to Printify
Module 3: Selecting the best product
Module 4: Branding your business like the pros’
Module 5: One-time to-dos and Set-up
Module 6: T.P.P. Framework & Process Overview
Phase 2:
Will take you on a deep dive into print-on-demand, selling digital products and custom products – all with the help of A.I.
You will be able to implement all the systems to get your store off the ground and make life-changing sales.
Module 1: Mastering Print-on-Demand
Module 1.1: Zero to Ten product creating framework
Module 1.2: Creation at the snap of your fingers
Module 1.3: Crafting listings to last
Module 2: Build Best-Selling Digital Products
Module 2.1: Digital Product Autopilot Framework
Module 2.2: Make valuable digital products
Module 3: Midjourney A.I. Automation and Product Creation
Module 3.1: Creative personal assistant with ChatGPT
Module 3.2: Leveraging Dall-E 3 Creations and Automation
Phase 3:
Will help you break the $10k a month barrier.
Few people reach this milestone, but with the strategies, tools, and systems I have successfully implemented, I can do this over and over again.
And you will, too.
Module 1: The $10k+/month plan revealed
Module 2: Operations & customer service
Module 3: Discussing all things Legal
7+ Bonuses and Free Guides.