Jim Dalton Trading – Foundation & Application

Markets are endlessly complex. The ability to review, understand, and act on a tidal wave of information isn’t a skill that can be gained quickly. And the only place practice really counts is in the flow of real market activity—traders achieve success only after extensive experience trading live markets. Foundation & Application of the Market Profile eCourse is designed to help you absorb information by seeing it many times; this 10-hour eCourse offers the opportunity to play and replay the lessons, observing again and again the context and nuances that can help you trade with less risk.

The first few lessons of this comprehensive eCourse will teach you the basics of understanding the Market Profile, which is as “linear” as we’ll get. From there, we’ll narrate a variety of real trading days, so you can begin to recognize how the pieces fit together and identify salient Profile configurations: Inside, Rotational, Trend, and Hybrid. We’ll also introduce you to “chunking,” a proven way to recognize opportunities faster. Chunking is what enables you to back your car out of your garage, walk down stairs, and read a map without having to think about it. In addition to ongoing commentary, there are quiz questions so you can measure your progress.

If you’re ready to build your market knowledge, we’re ready to get started.

We teach you how to see—what to look for in the market’s evolving structure. And more importantly, we help you recognize how the pieces fit together to enable trading with better odds of success. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of:

The market’s continuous two-way auction
Comprehensive Market Profile Nomenclature
How value is calculated, and how it evolves
Chunking, nuances, and all-important context
As you progress through the eCourse, you’ll witness Jim narrating a variety of different trading days in detail as he explains the evolving circumstances of each session. Plus, you’ll receive a free video that contains one of the best Q&A discussions we’ve ever had in an Intensive—jam-packed with timely insights and market knowledge.

Course Outline:
1. Prologue
2. Introduction
3. Continuous Two-Way Auction
4. Nomenclature
5. Value
6. Overnight Inventory
7. Test Your Foundation Skills
8. Rotational Day Around Balance
9. Rotational Hybrid Day
10. Short Covering Trend Day Following a Gap
11. Rotational Trading Day Beginning with a Non-Excess High
12. Trend Day
13. A Perfect Educational Day
14. Tell Me a Story
15. *NEW* Market Generated Information, Counter Intuitiveness, and Mental Flexibility
16. Bonus Addendum – Q&A
17. Day Type Templates
18. Epilogue