Brilliant Marketers – Marketing Agency Operations

If you are an agency owner, you probably do not have a degree in it. There are no university programs and most of the people teaching you about how to run yours, don’t actually have an agency (I know, crazy).

You can only learn from your own experience or shortcut it by learning from someone else’s.

We scaled our agency to 3 Offices and almost 80 Team Members in under 18 Months.

This is the only program where we disclose everything that we have done to scale so quickly.

Every little thing that really structures an agency & causes it to grow will be in the palm of your hand.

Get All 12 (60-120 Min) Coaching Calls with agency owners over specific topics of how to scale your agency.

What you’ll get:

Contracts, Pricing, & Introductions
Processes & Fulfillment Structures
Sales, Funnels, & How to manage your CRM for Growth
HR, Team Structure, Hiring & Pay
Project Management & Internal Systems setup
Q&A With Founder of 4Media, Eddie Maalouf
Cold Email Outreach Strategy
How to craft irresistible offers to scale
4Media Acquisition Systems
And So Much More